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Rei, the Summoner

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Rei, the Summoner

Card Info

NameRei, the Summoner
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesEarth, Wind, Fire, Water, Mage
Attack / Defense0 / 0


Optional Ability:
●:Once during your turn, you may activate this.
  Summon a unit from your hand that shares a type with this card. This summon's mana cost is double.
Optional Ability:
●:Once during your turn, if you've retired at least 2 units this turn, you may activate this.
  Add a level 6 or greater unit from your deck to your hand.
Card IDCUU00031


A great magician's best apprentice.
In order to master the summoning arts, she studies day after day.
She is a kind-hearted girl who communicates with and cares well for her summoned critters.


She has an optional ability that summons a unit sharing a type with her from your hand and another optional ability that lets you add a high-level unit to your hand.
Her Attack and Defense and level are all 0.
The biggest upside there is that if you user her as your partner, you'll get the full 5 mana during every mana supply phase.
With that mana, you can use her first ability to summon an extra unit each turn.
After summoning two units to the field, you can retire one on your next turn to activate her second ability.
That way it is possible to bring out high-level units.