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Joyous Trample

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Joyous Trample

Card Info

NameJoyous Trample
Card TypeEnchant Spell


Only equip this to level 8 or lower Dark-type units of yours.
Trigger Ability:
●:After a fight in which the equipped unit attacked, activate this.
  Deal 100 damage to your opponent.
Card IDCUS00235


Violence is sweet.
Especially against those who claim to stand for justice...


An enchant spell with a trigger ability that lets you deal 100 damage to your opponent after the enchanted unit attacks.
The ability to deal damage on every attack is simple, but powerful.
There are many offensive Dark-type units that this can be enchanted to and they'll likely have lots of opportunities to attack.
So by activating this ability multiple times, you can deal considerable damage.
That makes this card a strong source of damage in any Dark-type deck.