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Boat Ghost

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Boat Ghost

Card Info

NameBoat Ghost
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesWater, Ghost
Attack / Defense100 / 0


You may have up to 4 'Boat Ghost' in your deck.
Fast Ability:
●:Once during each player's turn, you may discard a Water-type card from your hand to activate this.
  Increase the level of a Water-type unit on the field by 2 until end of turn.
Trigger Ability:
●:After another 'Boat Ghost' is summoned to your field, if this card was already on the field, you may activate this.
  Choose a card in your deck with both Water- and Ghost-type and discard it.
Card IDCUU00288


Lonely Ghosts, floating above the sea.
Nowadays they whirl up the waves with their ladles, sinking ships into the ocean in search of new friends.


It has a fast ability to increase a Water-type unit's level and a trigger ability to discard a card from your deck when another one of it is summoned.
As a special rule, you can also put four of them into your deck.
Since its stats aren't that good, you'll mainly want to use its abilities instead.
The first one lets you increase the level of a Water-type unit before retiring it, increasing the amount of mana you'll get back.
You could also use it in combination with effects that get stronger depening on the level of your units.
Therefore it's quite a versatile ability that can be used in many decks with Water-type units.
The second ability lets you discard a Water- and Ghost-type card from your deck.
Since both Water- and Ghost-type cards can often make use of cards in your discard pile, it's easy to take advantage of this effect.
But as it requires you to summon another unit of the same name, you'll probably want to have 4 of them in your deck to make that easier.