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Final Dice

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Final Dice

Card Info

NameFinal Dice
Card TypeStandard Spell


When Cast:
●:Pay half your life to cast this.
  Roll a 6-sided dice.
  Based on the result, do one of these effects:
 ●5,6:Destroy all cards on the field.
 ●3,4:Exile all cards from the discard piles.
 ●1,2:Destroy all cards in your hand and field.
Card IDCUS00238


The ultimate fate depends on the roll of a dice.
Pray to the heavens.


A standard spell where the effect depends on the result of a dice roll.
A 5 or 6 will destroy all cards on both sides of the field.
A 3 or 4 wil exile all cards from both player's discard piles.
A 1 or 2 will destroy all cards from your own hand and field.
It's a peculiar card of chance where, no matter what number is rolled, the outcome will be exciting.
The first effect is powerful and can turn a bad situation around.
Whether or not the second effect is useful depends on your situation but you can exile an incredible amount of cards with just a single spell.
The third effect is mostly a disadvantage but it does have the rare ability to destroy cards in your own hand.
It's up to you to decide if you want to gamble for the right result or if you want to build a deck that takes advantage of them all.