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Blessing of the Shamaness

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Blessing of the Shamaness

Card Info

NameBlessing of the Shamaness
Card TypeStandard Spell


When Cast:
●:Increase the Defense of one of your Earth-type units by 100 until end of turn.
Static Ability:
●:If this card is in your discard pile, you may cancel the destruction of an Earth-type unit on your field with 500 or more Defense.
  This effect of 'Blessing of the Shamaness' can only be used once per game and only if your partner is 'Terranean Shamaness' or 'Iris, Terranean Shrine Maiden Warrior'.
Card IDCUS00236


As she casts her blessing, sacred power is drawn from the ground beneath her.
This is the first step in restoring the collapsed Sacred Grounds to their former glory.


A standard spell that lets you increase the Defense of an Earth-type unit by 100.
It also has a static ability that can prevent a unit's destruction if the conditions are met.
When used on its own, it functions like 'Pinpoint Barrier' with the limitation of only working on Earth-type units.
But if you want to make the most of this card, you'll also want to make use of its second ability which only works from the discard pile.
Being able to save a unit of 500 or more Defense from destruction is quite powerful, even if it only works once per game.
Just for that ability it's worth it to use 'Terranean Shamaness' or 'Iris, Terranean Shrine Maiden Warrior' as your partner.