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Dispatch Order

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Dispatch Order

Card Info

NameDispatch Order
Card TypeStandard Spell


When Cast:
●:Only cast this if your partner is a Psychic-type unit.
  Show the top 3 cards of your deck.
  If there are any level 2 or lower Psychic-type units among them, summon as many as you can without paying the mana cost.
  (Do not summon more than one unit with the same name.)
  Next, shuffle the rest back into the deck.
Card IDCUS00233


Psychic crime runs rampant in the city.
In case of a report, Agents of 'Borders' will promptly be dispatched to any given location.


A standard spell that lets you check the top three cards of your deck and summon Psychic-type units from them.
Even though it is limited to one unit of a certain name, summoning up to three units for free is quite strong.
To make the most of this card, consider manipulating the top of your deck to consist of more Psychic-type units.