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Phoenix Flame Protection

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Phoenix Flame Protection

Card Info

NamePhoenix Flame Protection
Card TypeEquipable Item


Only equip this to level 3 or lower units with both Fire- and Mage-type or both Fire- and Samurai-type.
Static Ability:
●:The equipped unit is at +100/+100.
Trigger Ability:
●:After this card is destroyed because the equipped unit is destroyed in a fight, you may activate this.
  Return that previously equipped unit from the discard pile to the field.
Card IDCUI00112


Accused of killing a god, the two were chased out of the Serpent Mountain, setting them on an aimless journey.
In this time, the feather of a phoenix fell on their path.
――I wish them all the best on their travels.


An equippable item with a static ability that increases a unit's Attack and Defense by 100 and a trigger ability that returns the equipped unit to the field after being destroyed.
It only works on level 3 or lower Fire/Mage or Fire/Samurai units.
Even with that limitation, it has two useful abilities and is only level 0.
Not only does it give 100 Attack and Defense, it can also revive the unit when destroyed in battle once.
If you have a deck with the cards this can be equipped to, you can use it to improve both offense and defense.