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Logic Box

Logic Box

Card Info

NameLogic Box
Card TypeContinuous Item
TypesMachine, Myth, Structure


Static Ability:
●:Whenever your opponent draws a card, they show it to you before adding it to their hand.
Trigger Ability:
●:After a unit on your field that originally belonged to your opponent destroys a unit in battle, activate this.
  Deal 200 damage to your opponent's life.
Static Ability:
●:If 'Absolute God of the Perfect World' is on your field, you do not need to pay mana for your partner in the mana supply phase.
Static Ability:
●:If there is at least 1 unit in your unit zone, the effects of other cards do not work on this card.
Card IDCUI00111


An electronic brain created by a god.
It's calculations even implement the creation of a world.


It has a static ability that lets you see every card your opponent draws, a trigger ability that deals damage, a static ability that removes your partner's mana cost and a static ability that can make it immune to card effects.
Although its level is very high, a lot of the abilities are quite specific so that when used alone its only use would be to see your opponent's draw.
It is most effectively used together with 'Absolute God of the Perfect World'.
In that case, it becomes a powerful card since you can deal damage by destroying opponent units with the ones you stole and no longer need to pay your partner's upkeep cost, giving you 5 mana to spend each turn. Due to the last effect giving it full immunity, it is incredibly hard to remove.
If you want to build a deck around it, you can use it quickly with a card like 'Miracle Blueprint'.