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Absolute God of the Perfect World

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Absolute God of the Perfect World

Card Info

NameAbsolute God of the Perfect World
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesIllusion, Machine, Myth
Attack / Defense0 / 0


Optional Ability:
●:Once during your turn, you may discard a card from your hand to activate this.
  Look at your opponent's entire deck, then, if there are any level 9 or lower units, you may summon 1 of them for half the mana cost. (rounded down)
  This effect can't summon units of a level already on your field.
Static Ability:
●:As long as a unit summoned by this card's effect is on your field, your opponent may not select this card as the target for an attack.
Card IDCUU00286


A being that governs the world made from 0s and 1s through its surveillance.
This world, operating on infallible calculations is a flawless and eternal paradise of perfection.
Any outsiders deemed to be imperfect are considered bugs and will be eliminated on the spot.


It has an optional ability that lets you search your opponent's entire deck and summon a unit from there to your field, as well as a static ability that prevents it from being attacked as long as you have other units.
The first ability lets you see your opponent's entire deck by just discarding a card from hand.
Since the deck is shuffled afterwards, you won't know what your opponent will draw but just knowing all cards in their deck is already useful.
On top of that you get to steal an opponent unit and summon it for less mana, making up for the discarded hand card.
If there are no units you would want to summon to your field, you can choose not to summon them.
Overall it is a vicious ability that can be used reliably.
Using the ability of 'Martyr to Ideals', you can make it your partner, which essentially guarantees that you'll be able to activate its ability every turn unless your opponent's deck has no units. It is as if you have full control of the game.
Even without making it your partner, the second ability makes it difficult to attack so it's not a bad position to be in.