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Rock-Hard Grandragon

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Rock-Hard Grandragon

Card Info

NameRock-Hard Grandragon
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesEarth, Rock, Dragon
Attack / Defense0 / 500


Static Ability:
●:In fights where units with 900 or more Attack participate, this card cannot be destroyed.
Trigger Ability:
●:After this card is retired, you may activte this.
  During this turn, units on your field that share a type with this card cannot be destroyed.
Card IDCUU00289


An earth dragon living in rocky areas.
It's skin is hard as rock.


A high-Defense level 4 unit that has a static ability that prevents it from being destroyed in fights with 900+ Attack units and a trigger ability that lets you prevent the destruction of your other units for the turn you retire it.
Its Defense makes it hard to destroy for low-level units and its effects protect it from higher-level ones.
If you manage to increase its Defense to 900 or more, it will be indestructible in battle, except through some combined attacks.
Additionally, you can retire it to protect your other units, as long as they share a type with it.
This lets higher-level units attack more easily without having to worry about Landmine cards.
Its resistance also makes it more easy to retire.