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Big-Ice Yeti

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Big-Ice Yeti

Card Info

NameBig-Ice Yeti
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesIce, Demon, Beast
Attack / Defense400 / 400


Static Ability:
●:As long as there are no other Ice-type units on the field, this card's Attack and Defense are reduced by 300.
Trigger Ability:
●:After this card destroys an Ice-type unit in a fight, you may activate this.
  Draw a card.
Card IDCUU00287


A monster from the mountains of the far north.
As they eat and take in ice, they keep growing, with older individuals becoming quite large.
Having the power to match their large bodies, they can even crush icebergs.


It has a static ability that reduces its stats when there aren't any other Ice-type units on the field and a trigger ability that lets you draw when it destroys Ice-type units.
It has high stats for a level 3 but they usually get decreased by the first ability.
Due to that, you'll want your partner to be Ice-type.
If your opponent has Ice-type units, you can use the second ability to draw cards.
But you'll need to get lucky sice that depends on your opponent's deck.
If you want to use it more actively, you can give Ice-type to your opponent's units with cards like 'Freeze' or 'Hraesvelgr, Ice Wings'.