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Steel Chain Pterosaur

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Steel Chain Pterosaur

Card Info

NameSteel Chain Pterosaur
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesWind, Dragon, Chain
Attack / Defense300 / 200


Trigger Ability:
●:After this card is summoned, you may discard a card from your hand and select an opponent unit to activate this.
  That unit cannot attack or counterattack until end of next turn.
Card IDCUU00284


One of the dragons held captive in the great prison of the underworld。
Rebellious prisoners are tied up with chains of steel.


It has a trigger ability that prevents an opponent unit from attacking or counterattacking that you can activate when it is summoned.
This lets you delay your opponent's attacks, giving you more time to set up your field.
It can also ensure that an attack will be safe by preventing counterattacks, even when you initially had enough Attack.
If you target your opponent's partner, you can prevent combined attacks, so depending on your opponent, you can disrupt their strategy a lot.