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Xandria, Dragon Statue of the Magic Library

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Xandria, Dragon Statue of the Magic Library

Card Info

NameXandria, Dragon Statue of the Magic Library
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesLight, Dragon, Rock, Figure
Attack / Defense0 / 700


Static Ability:
●:While there are 3 or more Book-type cards on your field and in your discard pile combined, this card's Attack is at +800.
Static Ability:
●:This card's Attack and Defense are unaffected by the effects of other cards.
Optional Ability:
●:Once during your turn, if there is a Book-type item on your field, you may discard a card from your hand to activate this.
  Exile a level 4 or lower spell or item from your opponent's field, then deal 100 damage to their life.
Card IDCUU00283


A giant dragon-shaped golem, created from now long lost ancient magic techniques to protect the Magic Library.
The usually motionless stone statue watches over the many visitors, coming to life to fend off malicious intruders when it spots them.
Faithful to his mission, he still protects the ruins of the library long after it burned down.


He has a static ability that increases his Attack under certain conditions, another static ability that makes it immune to Attack and Defense changes from other cards and an optional ability that lets him exile spells and items.
The conditions for his first ability can easily be fulfilled by a deck centered around Book-type cards so it makes sense using him in one.
As long as you meet those conditions, his stats will be excellent.
And since the second ability prevents changes to his Attack and Defense, that makes him a very reliable source of power.
The third ability lets you destroy spells or items on the field, giving you countermeasures against opponent tactics that use them.
Keep in mind however that you do need a Book-type item on your own field for this.
Overall, it's a good card with reliable strength and no weaknesses, but to take full advantage of it you'll need to build a deck around Book-type items.