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The Thing Lurking Between the Lines

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The Thing Lurking Between the Lines

Card Info

NameThe Thing Lurking Between the Lines
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesDark, Demon, Book
Attack / Defense300 / 200


Optional Ability:
●:Up to three times during your turn, you may activate this.
  Exile a Book-type item from either discard pile.
  Increase this card's Attack and Defense by 100 and its level by 1 until the end of your opponent's next turn.
Card IDCUU00282


A nefarious being that lurks within an old magic book.
It grows by consuming the power of the spells written inside.
And in its hunger for more energy, it also feeds off of the magic power from people who pick it up and from other books it can find.


It has an optional ability that exiles Book-type items from the discard pile to raise its stats.
Since you can activate it multiple times, you can get quite a big increase out of it.
And since its level also increases, you get more mana from retiring it.
However, since it is limited to exiling Book-type items, you'll soon run out if you use it too much.
Sine you can also exile cards from your opponent's discard pile, you can use it to disrupt their strategy if they are using book in their deck.