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Sky Dragon Tenmanryu, Freed by 10 000 Thunders

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Sky Dragon Tenmanryu, Freed by 10 000 Thunders

Card Info

NameSky Dragon Tenmanryu, Freed by 10 000 Thunders
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesElectric, Dragon, Myth, Curse
Attack / Defense1000 / 600


If there are 10 or more Electric-type cards only in your exile zone, you may pay half your life instead of paying the mana cost when summoning this card.
Trigger Ability:
●:After this card destroys a unit in a fight, you may activate this.
  Destroy all cards on your opponent's field.
Trigger Ability:
●:During your opponent's end phase, activate this.
  Return this card to its owner's hand.
  If there are any Electic-type cards in your exile zone, deal their amount x50 in damage to your opponent.
Card IDCUU00281


A cursed dragon god, born from the anger and resentment of the dead.
It manifests itself by feeding on the energy of the living and uses the lightning and thunder of the underworld to destroy everything.


A unique unit that lets you use life instead of mana to summon it if your exiled cards meet certain conditions.
It has a trigger ability that destroys all opponent cards after it destroys a unit in battle and another trigger ability that returns it to your hand while dealing damage to your opponent.
The requirement for you to have at least 10 cards in exile and for all of them to be Electric-type is quite strict but the ability to summon using life instead of mana is very powerful.
The ability to destroy all opponent cards is super powerful as well.
If you can activate it, it can help recover a disadvantage or push an advantageous position over the edge.
Since it has a high base Attack, destroying a unit in a fight should be easy.
It then returning to your hand is a bit problematic though.
If you still meet the summoning conditions, you can just summon it again by paying life but that'll still use up your standard summon for the turn.
You also need to be careful since you can quickly lose most of your life this way.
But with a lot of Electric-type units in exile, you'll be able to deal large amounts of damage.
Using its full potential will require a deck that exiles a lot of Electric-type cards and especially units.