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Titan of Emptiness

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Titan of Emptiness

Card Info

NameTitan of Emptiness
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesIllusion, Demon
Attack / Defense700 / 600


Trigger Ability:
●:After this card destroys a unit in a fight, if there are no other cards except your partner on your field and in your hand, you may activate this.
  This card may attack again.
Card IDCUU00278


A massive demon with an empty heart who has lost everything.
As he lived for a long time, he saw it all wither away, losing his home, the people he was supposed to protect and even his own heart.
All that was left were his blood-stained arms and his urge to destroy...


He has a trigger ability that allows him to attack repeatedly under specific conditions.
Though the conditions are strict, requiring you to have no cards other than him and your partner, the effect is very strong.
Each time he destroys a unit, he can attack again and there is no limit to how many times you can activate it.
Under the right circumstances, he can destroy all opponent units and deal damage by attacking their partner.
When using him, it is best to avoid continuous cards that stay on the field.