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Oran, Pumpkin Doll

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Oran, Pumpkin Doll

Card Info

NameOran, Pumpkin Doll
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesIllusion, Ghost, Figure
Attack / Defense0 / 100


Optional Ability:
●:Once during your turn, you may pay any amount of mana to activate this.
  Your opponent may discard a unit of higher level than the mana paid from their deck.
  If your opponent discarded a card, summon a 'Candy Token' (Level ?/Type: Illusion, Ghost/Attack 0/Defense 0) without paying the cost.
  ? is the level of the unit your opponent discarded.
  If your opponent didn't discard a card, increase this card's Attack by the amount of mana paid x200 until end of turn.
Card IDCUU00240