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Themis Ex Machina

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Themis Ex Machina

Card Info

NameThemis Ex Machina
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesLight, Angel, Machine, Myth
Attack / Defense300 / 700


Static Ability:
●:If your life is lower than your opponent's, this card's Attack is at +?, where ? is the difference between your life and their life.
Static Ability:
●:Other card's effects cannot change this card's Attack or Defense or cancel its attacks.
Optional Ability:
●:Once during your turn, in your main phase 1, you may activate this.
  Discard 2 Light-type units with different names from your field.
  This card may attack all enemy units once each until end of turn.
Card IDCUU00167


A machine god with control over fate itself.
Its appearance is said to coincide with a bell announcing the beginning of the end times.
No sinners will be able to escape its flash of judgement.


It has a static ability that increases its Attack by the difference between your and your opponent's life if yours is lower, a static ability that makes it immune to changes of Attack and Defense and prevents its attacks from being cancelled.
To unleash its full potential, you'll need a large difference in life and units that can be used as a cost for its ability.
If you can meet those conditions, victory will be guaranteed.
But beware of cards like 'Weathering'.