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Suphia, the Stratosphere

Suphia, the Stratosphere

Card Info

NameSuphia, the Stratosphere
Card TypeUnit Card
TypesWind, Angel, Myth
Attack / Defense0 / 0


Static Ability:
●:This card is at +?/+?, where ? is the number of cards in your deck x50.
Optional Ability:
●:Once during your turn, you may activate this.
  Return all spells and items on the field to their owner's decks.
Card IDCUU00102


The atmosphere surrounding the world.
As its living embodiment, she is the mother of all life.
She accepts anything that happens on this planet and simply watches over it.
Today too, do the world and atmosphere spin within her arms.


She has a static ability that increases her Attack based on the number of cards in your deck and a trigger ability that returns spells and items to the decks.
Depending on the situation, she can habe quite a lot of Attack and Defense.
Her second effect is great at dealing with things like 'Freeze'.
Though if you're going to use this card, you'll probably want a lot of cards in your deck.
In that case, you can more easily summon her using a card like 'Sylpheed, of the Swift Wind'.