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Phantom Pain

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Phantom Pain

Card Info

NamePhantom Pain
Card TypeStandard Spell


When Cast:
●:If your partner is a Ghost-type unit and you have less life than your opponent, you may cast this.
  Deal damage to yourself, equal to the difference between you and your opponent's life, then gain back the amount you just lost.
  If this effect does 200 or more damage to you, gain 1 mana.
Card IDCUS00237


As the curtains close, I hold my dear friend in my arms, her body returned to a lifeless doll.
... was she satisfied as she passed away?
Remembering the smiles and joy on the faces of the audience, I do hope so.

I am but a marionette.
My thoughts, wishes and emotions should all just be illusions in line with the will of my puppeteer.
Then why do I feel such a deep pain in my chest?
Right now, I didn't know the answer.


A standard spell that lets you deal damage to yourself depending on the player's life difference and gain it back right away while also generating mana based on a condition.
Your life doesn't change overall so there's no point in using it when you won't deal at least 200 damage.
Though you can use it in situations where it makes sense to take damage, like when having 'Eerie Night' on the field.
If you'll deal more than 200 damage, it can be worth casting anyway since you'll gain mana, if only one.
However, you do need a Ghost-type partner for that which limits the amount of decks you can use it in.