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Light Trick Scales

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Light Trick Scales

Card Info

NameLight Trick Scales
Card TypeContinuous Item
TypesIllusion, Light, Bug


Optional Ability:
●:Once during your turn, you may activate this.
  Summon a 'Light Trick Token' (Level 0/Types: Illusion, Light, Bug/Attack 0/Defense 0) to your opponent's field.
Static Ability:
●:As long as there is a 'Light Trick Token' on the field, the attacks of Bug-type units cannot be cancelled and neither players' Bug-type units can be targeted when casting or deploying enchant spells and equipable items.
Card IDCUI00118


Shimmering particles of light trail behind the illusionary butterfly.
Such a fantastical display before me brings tears to my eyes as it reminds me of admiring the same sights on our travels long ago.
Back when he was still by my side... but that is no more.


A continuous item with an optional ability that lets you summon tokens to your opponent's field and a static ability that buffs Bug-type units as long as those tokens are around.
Giving a token to your opponent puts you at a disadvantage so ideally you'd want to use it as a way to activate your abilities that trigger off of destroying units in fights.
While the second ability requires a 'Light Trick Token', it gives incredible benefits, protecting Bug-type units from attack cancels and any interference through equipable items and enchant spells.
That said, you also lose the ability to buff them with your own equipments.
In addition to this card's own ability, you can also get your own 'Light Trick Token's through the effect of 'Light Trick Butterfly'.