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Okuribi, Mysterious Ocean Flame

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Okuribi, Mysterious Ocean Flame

Card Info

NameOkuribi, Mysterious Ocean Flame
Card TypeStandard Item
TypesFire, Water, Ghost


When Deployed:
●:Discard a card from the top of your deck.
  If that card shares a type with this card, discard another one from the top of your deck.
Trigger Ability:
●:After this card is discarded from your hand or deck, activate this.
  Discard a card from the top of your deck.
Card IDCUI00116


A mysterious flame above the ocean.
It serves as a guiding light towards Yomi, the realm of the dead.


A standard item that lets you discard cards from your deck.
It also has a trigger ability that discards a card from your deck when it is discarded itself.
As long as you have these in your deck, you'll want to discard as much as you can to activate them.
If you deploying it and discard a card sharing a type with it, it'll discard one more.
This can be very effective in a deck that has a lot of cards with this one's types.