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Angelic Stairway

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Angelic Stairway

Card Info

NameAngelic Stairway
Card TypeContinuous Item


Trigger Ability:
●:After an Angel-type unit enters your field from your hand or deck due to the effect of a level 3 or higher card with Angel as one of its base types, you may activate this.
  Exile a card from your opponent's field with a lower level than the card that just entered your field, then draw a card.
Card IDCUI00115


A passage that connects heaven and earth.


A continuous item with a trigger ability that lets you exile and draw cards whenever Angel-type units enter the field due to the effects of your level 3 or higher Angel-type units.
Since you can both exile and draw cards, it is rather powerful if you can activate its ability.
Therefore it is important to have ways to achieve that.
And since summoning also counts as units entering your field, it reacts to quite a few things.
It is however limited to the effects of level 3 or higher Angel-type units and there aren't that many of those.
But it'd fit well into a deck built around 'Bel, Heaven's Messenger'.